アンソロジーのなかのナボコフ⑦Aspects of Love, Chicago: Palyboy Press,1972.

Playboy ed., Aspects of Love, Chicago: Palyboy Press,1972.


カバー写真はPaul Fusco。


ポール・フスコ - Wikipedia



 What is love?

That deceptively simple question is a kind of Rorschach test, revealing the inmost secrets of those who answer it.

[. . .]

A convocation of unusuall talented authors have contributed to this book. All of them write about love. But their writings are not necessarily "love stories" in the customary sense. They may be unsentimental, even antiromantic, at times. The love they speak of may not always be the kind of love you recognize as such or approve of, but love--as somebody once almost said--is a many-splintered faces. Most often its face is beautiful. Sometimes it is ugly. Occasionally it wears a mask.

Open this book and let Vladimir Nabokov show you one aspect of love. Let Joyce Carol Oates show you another. As you turn the pages, still more aspects will be unveiled by Irwin Shaw, Herbert Gold and other gifted writers.

What is love?

You tell us. And, in so doing, tell yourself.

--the editors of PLAYBOY

p. 4




Love Letters / Ken Kolb

Love, the Healer / Herbert Gold

Love of Franklin Ambrose / Joyce Carol Oates.

On his Way to Epley's Bike Shop Charley Meets a Girl with Twelve Dogs / James D. Houston

Party Girl / John Wallace

The Sweet Sadness / Philip Lee Smith

The Dashing Fellow / Vladimir Nabokov

Small Saturday / Irwin Shaw

A Very Rare Disease / Henry Slesar


収録されている作家でほかに有名どころは、 アーウィン・ショー、ジョイス・キャロル・オーツでしょうか。




アンソロジーのなかのナボコフ⑥The Single Voice: An Anthology of Contemporary Fiction, New York: Collier Books,1969.


Jerome Charyn ed., The Single Voice: An Anthology of Contemporary Fiction, New York: Collier Books,1969.








Terror has become the dominant fictional mode of psotwar America and is the force behind such writers as Joseph Heller, Thomas Pynchon, John Barth, Donald Barthelme, and Stanley Elkin, who have been popularly labeled, and at times scorned, as "black humorists."


Whatever place the black humorists ultimately hold in our literature, they have, in our own time, forced us to examine the absurdities and contradictions of our own nature; they have shown us the brittleness of the human heart and have warned us of the emptiness we will have to endure in a society that has devoted itself to hate rather than love.

Introduction x-xi






The guest / Stanley Elkin

Parker's race / Flannery O'Connor

The potato-elf / Vladimir Nabokov

Nabokov's puppet show / Alfred Appel Jr.

"Charles Axix: (from Beautiful losers) / Leonard Cohen

"Smolak" (from Henderson the Rain King) / Saul Bellow

Pierre Menard, author of Don Quixote / Jorge Luis Borges

"Snowden" (from Catch-22) / Joseph Heller

"V. in love (from V.) / Thomas Pynchon

In time which made a monkey of us all / Grace Paley

"Hencher" (form The lime twig) / John Hawkes

Novotny's pain / Philip Roth

In the heart of the heart of the country / William H. Gass

A chance of air / Ivan Gold

"The law" (from The floating opera) / John Barth

City boy / Leonard Michaels

Gogol's wife / Tommaso Landolfi

The man who grew younger / Jerome Charyn

The Indian uprising / Donald Barthelme

The solitary life of man / Leo E. Litwak

This way for the gas, ladies and gentlemen / Tadeusz Borowski

"'The Christ' and his teachings" (from Soul on ice) / Eldridge Cleaver

"White days and red nights" (from Stop-time) / Frank Conroy

Where they burn the dead / Clive T. Miller

Letters from Mexico / Ken Kesey ; Introduction by Ed McClanahan

Death in Miami Beach / Herbert Gold

The incubus / Albert J. Guerard

Simcha / Mark Mirsky

Luther / Jay Neugeboren

"Wobbillobby mobbays" (from The Steagle)

No! In thunder / Leslie Fiedler

Randolf's party / John Lennon

























アンソロジーのなかのナボコフ⑤Spearhead: 10 Years' Experimental Writing in America, New York: New Directions,1947.


Spearhead: 10 Years' Experimental Writing in America, New York: New Directions,1947.



To commemorate, and celebrate, the first ten years' activity ... by reprinting some of the best work that was published in the annual volumes of New directions in prose & poetry p. 9.








The toy balloon / Robert Lowry
Five poems / Muriel Rukeyser
The labyrinth / Anais Nin
Two poems / Oscar Williams
Aunt Julia's Caesar / Maud Hutchins
At the foot of the page / Lionel Abel
The phoenix & the tortoise / Kenneth Rexroth
The Mohammedans / H.J. Kaplan
Xmas gift / Charles Henri Ford
The facts of life ; A ceremonial ; The commodity embodied in bread / Paul Goodman
The Greenberg manuscripts / Samuel Greenberg
The Prairie Avenue piano recital ; The unmusical consequences of the Italian orgeltochter / Montagu O'Reilly
Four poems / Marianne Moore
The inhabitants / Wright Morris
Azeff Wischmeier, the Bolshevik bureaucrat / Georg Mann
Five poems / Randall Jarrell
The cosmodemonic rigolade / Henry Miller
Ten poems / Jose Garcia Villa
The mugging / Jack Jones
27 wagons full of cotton / Tennessee Williams
A dead one / David Kerner
Five poems / John Wheelwright
The pool game / William Saroyan
Six poems ; The House of the Frowning Heart / Kenneth Patchen
Flight / Selden Rodman
Hurry, hurry! / Eleanor Clark
Three poems / Kay Boyle
Statement of Ashby Wyndham / Robert Penn Warren
Seven poems / E.E. Cummings
The imaginary Jew / John Berryman
Four cantos / Ezra Pound
Daniel Webster ; A water-fall and a piano / Gertrude Stein
Watchman, what of the night? / Djuna Barnes
A selection from Let us now praise famous men / James Agee & Walker Evans
From Paterson ; Ten little poems ; Night ; Perpetuum mobile, the city / William Carlos Williams
Seven poems / Josephine Miles --
Every man his own private detective ; Freud of Assisi / Parker Tyler
Twelve poems / James Laughlin
Vertigralist pamphlet / Eugene Jolas
Four poems / Karl Shapiro
In dreams begin responsibilities ; A selection from Genesis ; Two lyrics / Delmore Schwartz





このアンソロジーをここで紹介したのは、当初ロフリンはナボコフをここに収録しようとしていたからです。 候補としてロフリンが選んだのはロシア語作品の英訳「雲、城、湖」でした。






アンソロジーのなかのナボコフ④The Best American Short Stories 1946, Boston: Houghton Mifflin,1946.

前回紹介したThe Best American Short Storiesは毎年ごとに刊行されるアンソロジーでした。ナボコフは1946年、二度目の収録をされました。


Martha Foley, ed. The Best American Short Stories 1946, Boston: Houghton Mifflin,1946.



Themes of peace rather than of war preoccupy most of the authors in this anthology. It is a literary truism that there must be a period of distillation before the real impact of some tremendous event, either historical or personal, can emerge in writing.


Some of the stories treat of race relations in this, our America, some of the age-old theme, love, and some of simple human individual problems. [. . .] This is undoubtedly a tribute to the vitality of American writing.



1949年7月、ナボコフはユタ大学でひらかれた作家会議に出席するため、ソルトレイクシティをおとずれます。そこで会ったのが、Wallace Stegner、Ted Geiselや、John Crowe Ransom、そしてMartha Foleyでした。








Jerry · Charles Angoff · ss Prairie Schooner Spr 1945

Out of Line · Warren Beck · ss The Yale Review Aut 1945

The Lovers · John Berryman · ss The Kenyon Review Win 1945

The Big Black and White Game · Ray Bradbury · ss The American Mercury Aug 1945

Bury Your Own Dead · Bessie Breuer · ss Harper’s Bazaar Feb 1945

The Valley of the Shadow · T. K. Brown, III · ss Esquire Jul 1945

The Ivory Tower · W. R. Burnett · ss Good Housekeeping Mar 1945

The Wind and the Snow of Winter · Walter Van Tilburg Clark · ss The Yale Review Win 1945

Flesh and Blood · Laurence Critchell · ss Atlantic Monthly Jan 1945

A Sense of Danger · Mary Deasy · ss Harper’s Aug 1945

In a Military Manner · Samuel Elkin · ss Harper’s Apr 1945

The Norm · Elaine Gottlieb · ss The Kenyon Review Spr 1945

The Mysteries of Eleusis · Elizabeth Hardwick · ss The Partisan Review Spr 1945

Story Without End · Josephine W. Johnson · ss The Virginia Quarterly Review Spr 1945

Old Bill Bent to Drink · Ben Hur Lampman · ss Atlantic Monthly Feb 1945

The Caller · Meyer Liben · ss Accent Spr 1945

Run, Run, Run, Run · A. J. Liebling · ss The New Yorker Sep 29 1945

The Owl and the Bens · W. O. Mitchell · ss Atlantic Monthly Apr 1945

Time and Ebb · Vladimir Nabokov · ss Atlantic Monthly Jan 1945

Like a Winding Sheet · Ann Petry · ss The Crisis Nov 1945

For a Beautiful Relationship · Wentzle Ruml, III · ss The Kenyon Review Spr 1945

The King’s Daughter · Gladys Schmitt · ss Story Nov/Dec 1945

The Bridge · Irwin Stark · nv The Antioch Review Sum 1945

The Woman Who Was Loved · James Stern · ss Harper’s Bazaar Jan 1945

Mrs. Razor · James Still · ss Atlantic Monthly Jul 1945

The Scout Master · Peter Taylor · nv The Partisan Review Sum 1945

The Other Margaret · Lionel Trilling · nv The Partisan Review Fll 1945

Love Affair · Henrietta Weigel · nv The Kenyon Review Win 1945

The Singing Lesson · Jessamyn West · ss Harper’s Jan 1945

Death in a Cathedral · Glennyth Woods · ss Twice a Year 1945



The Big Black and White Gameは邦訳もありますね(「黒白対抗戦」)。あとは、チャールズ・アンゴフ(1902-1979)、ヘンリエッタ・ウェイジェル(1906-1981)、アン・ペトリー(1908-1997)、ピーター・テイラー(1917-1994)、ジョゼフィーン・ジョンソン(1910-1990)、W・O・ミッチェル(1914-1998)、A・J・リーブリング(1904-1963)、エリザベス・ハードウィック(1916-2007)、ベシー・ブレアー(1893-1975)、ベン・ハー・ランプマン(1886-1954)、W・R・バーネット(1899-1982)、メアリー・ディーシー(1914-1978)、グラディス・シュミット(1909-1979)といった作家たちです。





 If the 1946 nosegay, as a whole, seems rather anemic, if the prefume it exhales recalls the vinegar-vat rather than rosemary, one must remember that even the "best" short stories are a product of their season.



 Pergaps the most depressing thing about the collection, however, is the fear of life that courses through its pages like a gray pulse. Too many of the stories dally with that despair, without really attempting to find the cause. Far too many hide their heads in rhetoric, like modish ostriches, when the chips are down.


C. V. Terry "Miss Foley Selects" New York Times


アンソロジーのなかのナボコフ③The Best American Short Stories 1944, Boston: Houghton Mifflin,1944.

時間が空いてしまいましたが、「アンソロジーのなかのナボコフ」 の三回目です。




Martha Foley, ed. The Best American Short Stories 1944, Boston: Houghton Mifflin,1944.






このアンソロジーThe Best American Short Storiesを編集していたのは、

Martha Foley(1897 – 1977)という人物でした。 短編小説の普及に尽力した人物でした。


Martha Foley - Wikipedia





 What is significiant is that the best short stories of the year have been written largely ny a new group of writers. More new short story writers have appeaered during the past year than for many previous years.


Must writing be divided, as has been the tendency by critics, into decades--the "lost generation" writing of the twenties, the "depression" writing of the thirties and now, whatever it finally may be labeled, the writing of forties?


In other countries, the writer progresses into a long maintained maturity. But in no other country  is the pressure on the young writer, particularly the short story writer, to compromise for the sake of material gain so great as it is in America.

p. v




The White Boat · Sidney Alexander · ss Accent Sum 1943

Señor Payroll · William E. Barrett · ss The Southwest Review Aut 1943

Notes of a Dangling Man · Saul Bellow · ss The Partisan Review Sep-Oct 1943

The Knot Hole · Dorothy Canfield · ss The Yale Review Spr 1943

Like a Field Mouse Over the Heart · Elizabeth Eastman · ss Harper’s Bazaar Aug 1943

Good Days and the Bad · Helen Eustis · ss Story Nov/Dec 1943

The Fishermen of Patzcuaro · William Fifield · ss Story Jan/Feb 1943

Strike up a Stirring Music · Berry Fleming · ss The Yale Review Sum 1943

More Like a Coffin · Hazel Hawthorne · vi The New Yorker Jun 26 1943

A Local Skirmish · Noel Houston · ss The New Yorker Sep 11 1943

Come Dance with Me in Ireland · Shirley Jackson · ss The New Yorker May 15 1943

The Rented Room · Josephine W. Johnson · ss Harper’s Bazaar Jun 1943

The Mohammedans · H. J. Kaplan · nv The Partisan Review May-Jun 1943

The S.S. Libertad · Eyre de Lanux · ss Tomorrow: Speculative Fiction Aug 1943

The Female of the Fruit Fly · William March · ss Mademoiselle May 1943

The Ballad of the Sad Café · Carson McCullers · na Harper’s Bazaar Aug 1943

Shoe the Horse and Shoe the Mare · Astrid Meighan · ss The New Yorker Jan 2 1943

Exiles from the Creuse · Mary Mian · ss The New Yorker Dec 25 1943

Heart of Marzipan · Edita Morris · ss Mademoiselle Oct 1943

“That in Aleppo Once...” · Vladimir Nabokov · ss Atlantic Monthly Nov 1943

Neither Here Nor There · Ruth Portugal · ss Harper’s Bazaar Sep 1943

Lions, Harts, Leaping Does · J. F. Powers · ss Accent Aut 1943

All Souls’ · Gladys Schmitt · ss Collier’s Nov 6 1943

The Veterans Reflect · Irwin Shaw · ss Accent Win 1943

A Return · George Stiles · ss The Kenyon Review Win 1943

My Russian Cap · Leon Z. Surmelian · ss New Mexico Quarterly Review Sum 1943

Of This Time, of That Place · Lionel Trilling · nv The Partisan Review Jan/Feb 1943

An Afternoon · Elizabeth Warner · ss The New Yorker Jul 31 1943

The Illumination · Jessamyn West · ss Harper’s Bazaar Oct 1943

God’s Agents Have Beards · Emmanuel Winters · ss Harper’s Bazaar Aug 1943






ベン・ブラット『数字が明かす小説の秘密 スティーヴン・キング、J・K・ローリングからナボコフまで』坪野圭介訳、DU BOOKS

ベン・ブラット『数字が明かす小説の秘密 スティーヴン・キングJ・K・ローリングからナボコフまで』(坪野圭介訳)の書評を書かせていただきました。時事通信から今週以降配信される予定です。